Thursday, January 10, 2008

No, Really, It's True!

Sorry I haven't written in awhile. The other day, we were attending some workshops at work, and we had an icebreaker in one of them. We were supposed to reveal two truths and one lie about ourselves. Then other people were supposed to guess which item was the lie. Most people were surprised to hear that I've seen The Monkees in concert TWICE. Here's the story.... I saw them first when I was 14 and then when I was 15. The first time I saw them, The Grass Roots, Herman's Hermits, and Garry Puckett and the Union Gap opened for them. The second time, Weird Al Yankovic opened for them. I had loved The Monkees since I was small--watching them on syndication with friends. From 1986-1989, The Monkees made a stab at some comeback tours. I caught two of them. So, by now, you're thinking I'm a huge geek--which may be true. But, let's keep in mind that I was a child. All of this is not the interesting part of the story. My parents didn't want to take me to the first concert, and since I couldn't drive, I was in quite a pickle. At some point, I was talking to my seventh grade teacher who I had the year prior and he said he loved all those bands and grew up with them. I told him my parents didn't want to take me. He volunteered to take me! Since my parents knew him, they let him. Before your mind goes anywhere it ought not to, I went to a small Lutheran School where everyone knew everyone and it was also a different time. I doubt he would do it these days.

(l to r) Micky Dolenz, Davy Jones, and Peter Tork in 1987.
That's right. Davy has a mullet: office in the front, party in the back.

Anyway, when the time came, he picked me up in his Volkswagen Rabbit and took me to the concert. A good time was had by all and two generations had a meeting of the minds. The concert was fairly long and he took me home late and that's the end of the story. So, not only am I a geek, but I'm a huge geek because my first "date" was with my seventh grade teacher to a Monkees concert. I still have the photos of the concert somewhere. I also still have the program and t-shirt. And if you're wondering, yes, I still have all of their albums. And I will go toe-to-toe with you on Monkee trivia any day. Try this:

Name which item of trivia about the Monkees is NOT true (without researching on the internet)?

A. Charles Manson auditioned to be a Monkee
B. Jack Nicholson co-wrote The Monkees' feature length film
C. Toni Basil (of "Oh Mickey" fame) made an appearance in The Monkees' feature length film
D. Davy Jones and Mike Nesmith have the same birthday
E. Mike Nesmith wrote Linda Ronstadt's song "Different Drum" when she was with the Stone Poneys

Email me your guess and I'll tell you if you're right. I'll tell you the right answer if you're wrong. Don't cheat!

Now, based on what you know of me, which Monkee do you think was my favorite?

Davy Jones

Micky Dolenz

Mike Nesmith

Peter Tork

Email that answer to me as well, and I'll tell you if you're right, but only if you're honest and tell me who your favorite one was.