Sunday, September 30, 2007

They're Baaack: The "Noisy Ghosts" Return

I, for one, am very excited that the horror classic, Poltergeist (means "noisy ghost" in German), is returning to the big screen for a one-night engagement, with extras. The film is showing at the Tulsa Cinemark on Thursday, October 4 at 7:30 p.m. The DVD with extras and digitally remastered material is coming out on October 9 and you can bet I'll be purchasing it. One of these days, I'll write here what makes Poltergeist such a great horror film (and you know they are rare).

Transformers Review Update

Yesterday, I went and saw Transformers again at the IMAX Theater in Tulsa. I'm still planning on writing a review of the film, but am waiting to be able to buy the DVD so I can sit down and take some notes so my thoughts are clear on paper. There is much that is positive to say and I don't want to mis-write my ideas.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Big News for NWA and Crystal Bridges


Crystal Bridges, Fisk Solidify Agreement

Fisk University and Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art announced a $30 million agreement on Tuesday that will give Crystal Bridges Museum a 50 percent undivided interest in Fisk's Alfred Stieglitz Collection.

The agreement will allow the two institutions to assume joint ownership of the collection and participate in mutual care and management of the pieces as well as publicly display the collection on an equal basis.

The Alfred Stieglitz Collection includes 101 different works of art. Nashville, Tenn.- based Fisk University gained ownership of the collection in 1949 when the estate of Alfred Stieglitz donated the pieces to Fisk.

Georgia O'Keeffe also donated four of her own paintings to the university, which are now part of the Stieglitz collection.

In addition to the agreement Crystal Bridges founder Alice L. Walton has personally pledged the donation of $1 million for the renovation, improvement and maintenance of the Carl Van Vechten Gallery at Fisk. The donation will allow the university to exhibit the Stieglitz Collection in accordance with the art museum industry's highest standards.

The two entities have also announced the establishment of an internship program that will be funded by Crystal Bridges and will give Fisk students an opportunity to participate in on-site training and gain industry experience at Crystal Bridges.

Fisk will deliver a motion requesting relief from its prior orders under the Cy Pres doctrine to the Davidson County Chancery Court for final approval.

"We are honored to partner with Fisk in the ownership and care of this significant collection," Walton said. "From the beginning we sought to create an innovative arrangement with Fisk that would accomplish three important goals: keep the collection intact, ensure the collection would remain on public display and enable Fisk to continue to achieve its historic education mission. We believe the interests of each institution and the Alfred Stieglitz Collection itself are well served through these arrangements."

Crystal Bridges is under construction in Bentonville. The 100,000-SF gallery is envisioned to be home to some of America's premier pieces of art. The museum complex will encompass a gallery, library, meeting and office space, a 250-seat indoor auditorium, areas for outdoor concerts and public events as well as gardens and walking trails.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Women in Film


Women In Film

Brent Green

I read about up-and-coming animator Brent Green in my newest copy of Art in America (September, 2007). Intrigued by the blurb, I looked him up on the web and discovered his website as well as some YouTube videos of his work. If you are easily offended or disturbed, don't watch his films, but I find them to be rather poetic verbally as well as visually.


Nervous Films