THE HAGUE, Jan. 22, 2007—A Rodin Thinker, one of seven bronze statues stolen from the garden of the Singer Laren Museum near Amsterdam last week, was found badly damaged on Jan. 19, police said.

The statue, the only one of the seven yet to be recovered, will be returned to the museum as soon as it is allowed by the authorities conducting the investigation.

Dutch police arrested two men on Jan. 18 in connection with the theft of the statues a day earlier. The thieves smashed through the museum's garden fence with a vehicle Wednesday and ignored iron statues, indicating they may have been after the bronze for their value as metal.

The museum said the statues cannot be sold on the commercial art market as they are well documented. It did not disclose their value.

The museum is in the former home of late U.S. artist and steel heir William Singer.

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